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Canyoning Information

We are offering a wide range of Canyoningtours in Salzburg - from Beginners to Advanced.


With us you have the possibility to choose Tours where you only have to jump from a few meters to Tours where we abseil through 30m high Waterfalls.


The challenge of Canyoning is to get from Top to Bottom and overcome what ever is in your way. NO RULES! We can choose either Jumping, Sliding, Abseiling, Climbing or Walking. Sometimes easier said than done!

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Our Family HIT:

To get the most out of your Adventure with us - choose a tour that fits your level of experience and fitness. We made it easier four you to choose by categorizing the Tours into:

All of our tours are very beautiful and allow you to get closer to nature than you probably ever been! Take the chance and come with us into the wild. It will be SUPERCOOOL!


You need to be able to Swim

Meeting: FROST CAMP at 09:00

Bring: Swimwear - Towel - Sportshoes (or RENT Shoes from us!)

In our Camp: You have the possibility to have a Shower and to refresh yourself in our Restaurant.

Your Canyoning-Guides will make sure that you will have a FUNTASTIC and SAFE experience with us! We all speek English, German and some other language as well.

All our Canyoninguides are official members of the Salzburger Bersportführerverband!


We are looking forward to welcome you in our RAFTING CENTER here in Hauserdorf!